Moon Flower, Matthieu Tercieux

  • Location: Miradouro dos Castanheiros

Moon Flower is an interactive video installation that calls for public participation to creatively unhide the pleasure of discovering new readings of the world. Caught up on the night of Sintra, visitors will make flowers bloom on a plant designed wall on a stone wall, manipulating lasers that will be available to perform your experiment. 

The flowers of the moon will still hatch words and phrases that turn into poetic and magical animations only with the simple motion of the laser on the surface of the projection.


About Matthieu Tercieux

  • France

Matthieu Tercieux is an artist-programmer who works mainly with interactive video projection. He enjoys working on the transversality of artistic practices and collaborates on many projects: theater, augmented dance, VJing with live bands, street theatre or street art. 

These numerous projects led him to travel the world and meet challenges to finalize these projects in many countries like in Ouganda, Roumania, USA, Columbia...

He resides in Lyon in France where he has participated several faiths in the Lyon Festival of Light.