Créditos fotográficos: Hugo Grilo

ARTICA ASSISTED PERFORMANCE (Interactive installation)

  • Place: Foyer of the Museu das Artes de Sintra


1. (adjective - Relative to procedure, mode or method by which something is developed, created: procedural principles).

2. (Following certain procedure, method, own way of doing something).

3. What is performed or performed through a pre-established procedure).

We are increasingly surrounded by technology, lacking the time and mental availability to contemplate nature in its fullness. Participating in the elaboration of a natural space, planting a tree, sustaining it, and tracking its growth are distant topics for many of us. We often feel the emptiness of the absence of a nature preservation culture, of sustainable cultivation, of symbiotic development.

This intervention demonstrates the possibility of a positive contribution to the natural landscape that can be contemplated by all. Participants are invited to "plant" a series of natural elements in any way they wish. Here, technology becomes a forest planning partner. Participants wishing to interact can use their mobile devices to connect to a private network, with a simple interface where they contribute to landscape creation. 

Concept and Artistic Direction - Filipe Barbosa, Filipe Cruz, Guilherme Martins

3D Visuals - Filipe Barbosa 

Programming (Assistant performer app) - Filipe Cruz

Programming (Unity Engine) - Ricardo Imperial 


Artica is a place where creativity, design, engineering and art thrive together without misconceptions or assumptions. The product of Artica's HCI research is materialised in unexplored contexts, such as advertising campaigns, shopping malls, theatre and venues, social events, exhibitions and special occasions.