Closes on 8th february 2019

Aura´s 5th edition will take place between thursday 1 august  and sunday 4 august 2019 in Sintra, one of the most famous historical places in Portugal. Each edition has been dedicated to a specific topic and shows works of art of light and interdisciplinary projects that deal in particular with Light as a means of expression in public space. From sculptural light interventions to video projections and new art, a wide range of artistic means is shared in the Cultural Landscape of Sintra.

In 2019, Aura will be dedicated to ecology and environment, and how human and non-human worlds are entangled in dynamic relations today and in the (imagined) future. Apparently, there is no global solution for energetic resources, biodiversity, climate changes, paradigm culture-nature. Therefore we encounter ourselves in a vulnerable and at the same time autocratic position in the so-called “era of the Anthropocene”.

We are looking for art installations and light art works for the old town and public gardens where visitors may experience them up close, walk through, connect with, and react to. There is also the possibility to show video mapping in some monumental places.
Individuals and groups, artists, researchers, light designers and creative people can apply for the festival. We welcome proposals that are based on the content of the topic of the 5th edition or have a relation with it. It should be remembered that the festival takes place at night, in the dark and in the outer space.

Submissions may include video projections, light and sound art, interactive installations, light sculptures, as well as scientific and technological projects. We are open for good suggestions! For the realisation of the projects extensive equipment as well as professional event technicians will be available.

Download Instructions for Submission